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Capturing my friend Chelsea on her healing journey reminds me of the power that images can carry.   The Excerpt below is from one of Chelsea's recent social media posts.  

Blessed to me a small moment in time of her healing journey with image. 


Spent the last two therapy sessions freely, calmly and openly communicating about my family. 

Two years ago I couldn’t talk about my family for more than a few seconds, wringing my hands and avoiding eye contact. 

There wasn’t a specific day that I remember and can pin point as the day I “fixed” my ability to do so. 

There wasn’t anything broken about my inability to do it. I had walls up that at one point served a purpose, but now they’re unneeded. 

Reprogramming takes time, patience, and the help of a licensed professional. 

Nothing has to be “broken” or wrong for someone to benefit from therapy.

You can try and intellectualize about your history and what happened and what you’re struggling with now, but that will never be enough. 

Trauma isn’t left brain stuff. In fact, studies show that it turns off your left side, and really lives and thrives in the right side. 

So in lieu of seasonal depression szn approaching us- please just know that therapy has made me more powerful than I’ve ever been, more confident, more secure, more emotionally intelligent, has given me more clarity, more autonomy, and has brought me into this new way of being in the world that feels more “me” than I’ve ever felt. 

Never be too stubborn, prideful, or afraid to reach out for help. 

I support you ♥️

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