Exploring Nude Photography The importance and meaning of the Nude Photography art form

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Exploring Nude Photography - The importance and meaning of the Nude Photography art form



As humans, we have a complex and contradictory relationship towards our bodies. Even though nudity might be considered our most fundamental state of being, there are still concerns around how the naked body can and should be portrayed, both in society in general and within different art forms such as photography. Nude photography is an interesting topic to analyse as there are many dimensions and layers to it. When discussing nude photography, we venture into topics such as power, ethics, reception and sensuality, just to name a few. In this piece, we will explore the world of nude photography from different perspectives and examine the artistic potentials of this vast, and somewhat controversial, art form.

Why Nude Photography?

Nude photography is an important part of the human expression, and it is a topic with many layers to it. An interesting aspect of the nude is not only the photos themselves but how they relate to and are perceived by the time and place they are presented in. The discussion about nude photography can take many different routes depending on the cultural and societal setting. While nudity could be argued to be the purest and most fundamental state of being, the controversy of nude photography is in regards to which values we are presented with when viewing the photo, and how these values coincide with or contradict our own. The ability to stir our set norms and compel us to rethink our initial judgements are one of the many things that make nude photography so fascinating.

The purpose of nude photography has changed over time, and the same goes for how it is portrayed. Nude photos have been helpful in many different fields from being references for artists and sculptors to being analysed within the medical field. The nude has also travelled through different forums, from avant-garde movements to glamour magazines. The changes in its usage and context have always advanced with the development of the surrounding world, especially when it comes to changes in social norms, media and technology.

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Creativity in Nude Photography

While the focus of the nude photo often is the subject and their form, the limits of what can surround and elevate it are almost nonexistent. By combining different genres, elements, techniques and location, one can create a complex and creative narrative. Nude photography does not only depict human bodies since it also has the possibility of portraying the lives of the subjects. Focusing on specific body parts, having the body be posed in a specific way and considering where the gaze of the subject is directed are all details that create an intricate story. This story takes us on a journey beyond the naked figure as we ask ourselves questions about humanity and what it means to exist in this world with the anatomy we are born, and eventually will die with.

Beauty standards in Nude Photography

Beauty and art have always been associated with one another where claims have been made which argue that the former should strive for the latter or even saying that for something to be considered art, it must be beautiful. Thoughts related to this, although not represented in their full right here, can be found in many philosophical works such as Kant’s third critique: Critique of Judgement. The topic of aesthetics and aesthetic judgements have gone through great changes since the Enlightenment, one of them being the modernist period when notions of beauty, the genius and art were questioned. This change, however, has not erased the concept of beauty, as it is still being analysed and discussed, both within aesthetics and on a societal level.

What we find beautiful changes, although some norms seem to be more unrelenting than others. What we deem to be attractive and ideal features of appearance for the human body follows closely to what is considered as high-status. Concepts such as health, money, power, opulence, virtue, are all things that affect our view of each other and seem to have something to do with beauty. Seeking the beautiful has always been one of the missions for nude photography, portraying bodies in ways within settings that exudes glamour, sophistication and sensuality. This is, however, not the whole story of what nude photography has to offer.

Another way in which nude photography relates to the concept of beauty is to portray its antithesis. Avant-garde movements have shown another way of representing human anatomy within nude photography, where different techniques are used to distort certain elements of the photo. By implementing features from surrealism, juxtaposition and distortions, we meet the nude in new and fascinating ways where we question what a body is and can be.

As we move further towards modern-day nude photography, we also see works where realism is prevalent. We are not only met with human anatomy in different settings, but we are also seeing the individual subject for who they are. By considering how bodies and actions interact with each other, we can see how different bodies appear, and how they create certain premises and limitations to how we live our lives. By portraying different bodies in nude photography, we can tell stories that are far more intimate and honest in reflecting the experience of being human. Bodies that are not necessarily considered beautiful nor glamourous are also documented to show that the features which are not considered to be high-status are made of the same flesh and blood as those we see in commercial nude photography.


Sensuality and sexualisation in nude photography

Eroticism and nudity is a recurring theme in the documented history of human civilisations. From archaeological excavations and preservation, artefacts that display nudity and eroticism are still with us to this day. Examples of these artefacts being from Pompeii, the Khajuraho group of monuments and Moche ceramics, just to name a few. It is easy to view the world from a perspective of constant development, where we are moving away from restrictions towards a more liberated and sophisticated existence. When we think critically about this view, and turn our attention to other ways of life through history, we see that it is not necessarily true. When it comes to sensuality, sexuality and nudity, we see that those concepts have been incorporated into larger societies in many different ways and that the level of acceptance regarding such matters sways depending on which culture in time we analyse. With the invention of photography, however, we can follow these changes more closely and see how they derive from one another.


Sensuality is present within many different areas of photography and is not necessarily limited to nude art. What is particular to nude photography, however, is how eroticism and sexuality can be expressed on a more intimate level than other genres. The absence of clothing is not merely about the removal of materials, it is also a disengagement with certain ideals and norms. When it comes to sensuality within nude photography, we are invited to immerse ourselves into something more profound that connects us with all humans throughout history. We come close to something fundamental and objective about ourselves as a collective. With that said, we should also remember that nude photography has the potential of showing the opposite qualities of eroticism where perversion, vulgarity and carnal desires are the focus. Sensuality and eroticism can be beautiful in many ways, whilst also coming across as quite disturbing. What irrational forces are driving us forward in situations, and which we seem to have no say over? Why are we stimulated by seeing a subject in such a vulnerable state? Whichever aspect of sensuality one is interested in exploring, there are always new and interesting ways to investigate it within the genre of nude photography.


Nude photography and YouPic

As with all other types of photography, nude photography has found its way to the internet and different online communities. What might be different for nude photography, however, is the difficulty to find a community where different kinds of nude photography are accepted. YouPic is a vast and loving photography community where photographers from all over the world share their work and interact with each other. One of the many things that we are truly proud of when it comes to our community is the diversity of what is being shared, which means that there are always new things to explore. This is also true when it comes to nude photography, where glamour, realism, surrealism and different bodies are all present. Do you have a special style of nude photography but have not found the right place to share your work? Then YouPic might be the perfect community for you! If you are not already a part of our loving community, then you can Join us, which one takes a few seconds. We are looking forward to seeing your work in our community.



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